Bain de Rose


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Pamper your mom with a curated selection of TWG Tea’s pecfect tea of May.
Put a smile on her face with the Bain de Roses Tea. In the month of May, the roses of Grasse come into bloom, enveloping Provence with an incomparable and luxurious perfume. Masterfully blended by TWG Tea, this sensual Darjeeling is a magical union of extraordinary roses and hints of vanilla. Truly an outstanding tea. This delicate green tea will enliven her senses with the fresh and aromatic aroma of sweet fruity taste with every sip.
Bring her to a fragrant secret garden with the heady, intoxicating perfume of Jasmine Queen Tea. Rich in zinc, vitamin C and polyphenols that act as antioxidants for the body, indulge in the sparkling elegance of this delicately fashioned green tea infused with the floral sweetness of exceptional TWG Tea jasmine flowers.
There is no better way to show your love than with a leisurely conversation over a cup of afternoon tea. A perfect floral tea for the Queen, the Grand Jasmine Tea is an outstanding China green tea blended with superior TWG Tea jasmine blossoms, and yields a refined and refreshing infusion.
Enjoy every precious moment with TWG Tea.
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Ace of Hearts Tea - A perfect balance between the strength of high-grown Ceylon black tea and the subtlety of a rare South Africa red tea.
Maha Gastotte OP1 - The infusion is light but has an exquisite flavor and an aroma of softly ripening raspberries. An afternoon delight.
Coconut Tea - Reminiscent of travels to lone Caribbean islands, this rich and nutty TWG Tea blend of black tea and coconut is a perfect accompaniment to a moment of detente under the summer sun.