06 April 2021

This Spring, breathe the fresh, sweet perfume of the season and tantalise your palate with the 2021 limited edition Always Sakura Tea.


In harmony with the evanescent beauty and floral essence of the season, grace your teacup with this marvellous green tea delicately embellished with notes of wild Rainier cherry and sweet blossoms. Cherry trees yield blossoms that delight and surprise the senses with a profusion of cherry-like aroma and tangy notes of green almond, producing a fresh and elegant infusion enveloped by soft lingering hints of sweet floral.


A Spring tea for any time of the day, the natural umami flavour of green tea accentuates the sweetness of seafood or a light salad, and pairs beautifully with the limited edition Always Sakura Tea infused macarons. More than its novel taste experience, this fine green tea blend is rich in zinc, vitamin C, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


The perfect cup of tea to get you into the spirit of Spring!   


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