• Stocking Stuffers

    Stocking Stuffers with Holiday Cheer

    This festive season, gorgeously beribboned boxes and ruby-coloured tins appear from stockings hanging over the crackling fire...

  • Shop TWG Tea in Vancouver Canada Matcha, Matcha Accessories, Matcha Whisk, Teapot, Japanese Teas

    Celebrated Holiday Favourites

    Timeless gifts to create a moment; celebrate the holidays with joy and merriment!

  • World Voyage Tea Set

    World Voyage Tea Set

    A yuletide voyage from within your teacup!

  • TWG Tea Salon & Boutique in Vancouver, serving afternoon tea, dinner, lunch, breakfast.

    TWG Tea Vancouver

    Breakfast ⋅ Lunch ⋅ Afternoon Tea ⋅ Dinner

TWG Tea Canada

Vansing Distribution Group, TWG Tea in Canada.

Vansing Distribution Group is the exclusive franchise partner and distributor of TWG Tea in Canada.

Holiday Favourites


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