21 June 2021

For the dad who seemingly has it all, honour him with a chocolate-infused tea for every day of the week this Father’s Day.   
Express your admiration with an original TWG Tea creation, the Chocolate Earl Grey. This rich and aromatic black tea is accented with fresh notes of rare TWG Tea bergamot and pure dark chocolate which unite to create a marvellous and blissful blend. An unforgettable infusion bursting with a boost of energy – perfect for any Monday!
Delight in a heart-warming cup of London Breakfast Tea on a Tuesday morning. This strong TWG Tea blend of broken-leaf black tea produces a full-bodied cup with an aroma of red berries and a hint of malty sweet chocolate.
Mid-week calls for Midsummer Night Tea, a warm and pleasant black tea beautifully blended with a hint of malty chocolate and spicy mint. Pair this tea with his favourite TWG Tea Chocolate Bars, a luscious treat to savour all night long!
Brilliantly created with soft notes of vanilla, rich chocolate and a hint of mint, Choco Mint Truffle Tea is the ultimate harmony of tea and chocolate. A sweet and theine-free TWG Tea South Africa red tea that will certainly please his sweet tooth on a Thursday. 
Count down to the fabulous weekend with a splendid cup of Garden Party Tea, a malty black tea composed with sumptuous chocolate and a hint of raw hazelnut.
Unwind and rejuvenate with Number 17 Tea, a light and sophisticated green tea and black tea blend that transforms into a rich and elegant infusion accented by malty notes of white chocolate and nuts. A refreshing tea for the Saturday afternoon!
Round up the chocolatey Father’s Day week with Red Chocolate Tea, a theine-free red tea masterfully blended with sumptuous cocoa beans. Ideal for sharing a memorable moment with him.


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