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Have you ever dreamed of creating an enchanting afternoon tea party but don’t know what to do?

From choosing the perfect cup of tea to pairing your teas with a lavish array of tea cakes and patisseries; setting up the perfect tea table may seem like a daunting task, so we have put together a simple guide on what you need to host the perfect tea party for any occasion:

The Perfect Tea

For the idyllic afternoon fête, spring into a whimsical voyage of wander with your favourite tea or the Tea Party Tea accented by notes of pineapple and Mediterranean orange.


The Tea Table

Add a dose of style and personality to your tea table with beautiful tea accessories such as the Design Orchid Teapot in a myriad of vibrant hues. Accompany the most elegant tableware with the stylish Vogue Teacup and Saucer or the luxurious Glamour Tea Bowls that are sure to impress your tea party guests.


The Sweet Treats

Pair your tea with a selection of sweet treats and patisseries for the perfect afternoon indulgence. Nibble on tea-infused macarons, shortbread cookies and warm scones served with TWG Tea Jelly, and enjoy a lovely Rose Garden Cake with Bain de Roses Tea infused vanilla mousse layered with raspberry confit and almond sponge.


The Ambiance

Elevate the tea party experience with some fresh flowers and your go-to jazz and blues playlist, and enhance the senses with the elusive charms of Tea Party Tea scented candle.


Now, it’s time for your very own TWG Tea party!