Iftar Table Essentials

Iftar Table Essentials

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In celebration of the month of Eid, grace your Iftar table with a collection of exquisite tea blends and accessories that brings warmth and hospitality to your loved ones.

Inspired by time-honoured tea traditions of the Middle East, the Marrakech Mint Tea is a wonderful blend of raw organic whole Moroccan Mint leaves, a reflection of purity and character that infuses into a wonderfully crisp and theine-free cup of tea – perfect for bringing the warmth of the Arab culture into your home.

Complete your tea collection for Ramadan, and be transported on a magical journey under the glittery Arabian night sky with Moroccan Sahara Tea. Beautifully blended with hints of soft and lingering sweet spices, this blend of green and black tea accentuated with fragrant floral notes from the glorious Valley of Roses. Enliven your senses with a refreshing cup of Alexandria Tea. Glimmering in elegant hues of royal blue and gold this elegant green tea blend with sweet and spicy mints, warm spices and a scattering of flower petals with mesmerising notes of anise makes a great tea to share and gift this season.


For The Iftar Table

Rejoice in the spirit of Ramadan with a series of lavish Sahara inspired tea accessories that will add a touch of elegance to your Iftar table. The legendary symbol of wisdom, immortality and rebirth, the Sahara Teapot features a serpent, the potent guardian of good fortune, health and vigour, a shield against harm's way. Completed with teacups from the same collection, these teapots rekindle the delicate and resounding notes of the snake charmer's flute - an exceptional way to enjoy the finest of teas.