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Imperial Gyokuro

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Thanks to a longstanding relationship with one of Japan’s most renowned tea planters in Yame who has cultivated this exceptional tea for half a century, TWG Tea is proud to offer privileged tea connoisseurs one of the rarest and grandest teas in the world, the Imperial Gyokuro. With only 3 kilos in existence, this incomparable green tea has never been available outside of Japan until today.

Painstakingly cultivated under handmade rice straw mats for 17 days, this tea absorbs generous quantities of precious minerals which wash through the mats during rain showers and on dewy mornings. Thanks to gentle breezes and dappled rays of sunlight that filter through the braided straw, this glossy, jade-coloured tea grows very slowly, but in consequence, develops a brilliant sweetness and concentrated flavour. Be one of the first to taste a harvest fit for a king.