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Welcoming the joy of Christmas with blessed delight, each Festive Music Box Tea Set reveals an enchanting collection of four lavish ornament-sized mini tea tins filled with our favourite fine harvest teas and most beloved blends inspired by Christmas celebrations around the globe. Encased in artfully designed music box jewellery boxes decked in gold and festive hues, these whimsical tea sets are a delightful invitation to a world of enchantments.

Noel in Rome Tea (20g)
When autumn gives way to chilly winter, the Eternal City awakes with the sound of bagpipes in the piazzas! Warm greetings beckon a promise of tables bedecked with scrumptious foodstuffs. Steaming pots of this aromatic white tea and green tea blend are accented with notes of spices, wild blossoms and sweet lemon.

Noel in Paris Tea (20g)
The inky black waters of the Seine reflect a glorious, starry night, punctuated by the joyous revelry of merry-makers along the snowy banks. A celebratory contrast of tart and sweet, TWG Tea crafts a green tea blended with notes reminiscent of candied strawberry and raspberry accented by sweet French spices.

Noel in Vienna Tea (15g)
When autumn gives way to frosted winter, the city of dreams awakens. Balls and parties beckon with their melodic airs and dancing. Steaming pots of this aromatic green tea are spiced with tart notes of juicy grapefruit and sweet winter lemon.

Noel in Singapore Tea (10g)
Tropical fruits and sun-drenched orchids nod in the breeze, still dewy from December rains. Birds of a thousand colours take refuge in the verdant landscape. Notes of sweetness dot this equatorial white tea and green tea blend, contrasted by spices, delicate floral notes and gentle notes of mandarin orange.