What is Tea Gastronomy?

The Art of TWG Tea Gastronomy

What is Tea Gastronomy?

Tea gastronomy is the art of incorporating tea to unique culinary creations by blending, infusing or powdering, tea leaves into a sweet or savoury recipe. We integrate a myriad of fine harvest teas and exclusive tea blends into our recipes as a most precious component, imparting unique flavours, toying with taste buds, tantalising the palate, and introducing a whole new world of sensations and flavours to gourmands and tea lovers when they dine at TWG Tea Salons and Boutiques.

With breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner specialties and dessert, as well as trendsetting TWG Tea infused beverages and cocktails, tea is woven into every aspect of the meal - an unmistakable nuance that deliciously enhances each dish.

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