As a kaleidoscope of colours and lanterns bob and sway in the cool night air,
the moon holds forth, bold and bright, illuminating the harvest fields…
Curls of sweet fragrance waft in the evening breeze, a tea to carry you far into the night
as the moon and stars glimmer in the celestial heavens.


Canada, July 2022 - Honouring the age-old tradition where tea was savoured while admiring the luminous moon that signifies a bountiful harvest, TWG Tea celebrates a new year of abundance this autumn with the Immortal Moon Tea Mooncake Collection, to inspire and delight tea connoisseurs and gourmands alike.


Immortal Moon Tea Mooncake Collection

As the planets spin in a celestial dance, young leaves of TWG Tea white tea and green tea infuse with soft, ripe berries, sending curls of sweet fragrance into the air. Gleaming in vivid hues of green and gold, the
Immortal Moon Tea from the Haute Couture Tea Collection® is an ethereal cup of tea to pair with TWG Tea’s selection of traditional and snowskin mooncakes ingeniously woven with signature teas.


Reimagining timeless tradition with modernity, TWG Tea has passionately conceived these edible fantasies to narrate the story of the constellations. A rich and enduring patisserie, the mooncake is a constellation of flavours and an epicurean delight infused with a scattering of tea leaves that will intrigue and inspire.


Discover the Full Collection of Tea-Infused

Tea-Infused Traditional Mooncakes

Contemporary while maintaining the tradition of the baked mooncake, TWG Tea features a selection of mooncakes infused with our novel teas. A pioneer in handmade tea-infused delicacies, each mooncake is passionately crafted by hand to perfection.


This iconic signature of the mid-autumn festival holds within a golden crust a smooth and elegant brown lotus filling infused with Singapore Breakfast Tea, a scattering of roasted melon seeds and an embedded salted egg yolk heart. A timeless favourite. 


Encased in a sumptuous baked crust infused with Bain de Roses Tea, this TWG Tea mooncake boasts a rich and smooth lychee white lotus paste. A harmony of fruits and flowers.


Adorned in a perfectly baked ruby red crust, this exclusive TWG Tea mooncake reveals a smooth and delicate white lotus paste infused with Milk Oolong. A beautiful union of flavours.


Concealed in a perfectly baked golden-brown crust, this exquisite mooncake encases a
Pu-Erh infused white lotus paste which envelopes a tangy almond and passion fruit purée.



Tea-Infused Snow Skin Mooncakes

In a continual quest to conceive mooncakes accented by our exceptional single estate and exclusive blends, TWG Tea continues to delight with an array of tea-infused snowskin mooncakes, displaying delicate textures and a perfect blend of flavours.


Emanating an ethereal white satin snowskin mooncake boasts an aromatic Matcha infused white lotus paste, revealing a white chocolate heart filled with Matcha ganache.


Emanating the warm glow of a lantern, this exquisite orange snowskin mooncake encases a rich Chocolate Tea infused black sesame lotus paste with a sprinkling of candied lemon, and a white lotus cream heart with coconut.