The Exceptional 2017 Harvests of Darjeeling

The Exceptional 2017 Harvests of Darjeeling

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Committed to sourcing the world’s finest harvests, TWG Tea is delighted to announce the arrival of the coveted 2017 Darjeeling First Flush, Haute Couture Tea® and a curated selection of Spring harvests Darjeeling teas available at all TWG Tea Boutiques in May 2017.

Darjeeling First Flush (2017)

The exceptional harvests of the celebrated region of Darjeeling are rich in aroma and complex in flavour, with outstanding notes of ripe fruits and nuts. These noble and precious teas are grown in the Himalayan foothills of West Bengal between Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan in a land of cloud and mist, at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 feet. The most renowned Darjeeling estates craft their teas by hand in the most natural and artisanal fashion, and no two gardens or harvests taste alike.  


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Singe Estate Harvests


Puttabong SFTGFOP1

Established in 1852, Puttabong is the first known tea estate in Darjeeling’s history. The rolling hills of this phenomenal estate rise to 2,000 metres and end in the crystal waters of the Rangeet River. This is the first estate to produce teas that fetched prices which set a world record. This harvest boasts twisted, jade-green leaves with the aroma of wild berries that infuse into a golden cup with a brilliant, muscatel flavour and a subtle aftertaste of ripe orchard fruits.

Singbulli SFTGFOP1     

This renowned tea estate of the Mirik Valley produces a harvest with alluring emerald-green leaves with silver tips that create a bright cup with refreshing floral notes and an intoxicating taste of fresh grass, followed by a light note of astringency. 


Orange Valley SFTGFOP1

This prestigious tea estate is situated at altitudes of 1,520 to 1,830 metres, where cool temperatures, generous rainfall and cloudy skies, broken by intervals of bright sunshine, create exceptional quality harvests. The estate is surrounded by orange trees, which lend a unique and sparkling flavour to the tea. This first flush boasts long, elegant jade-green leaves with a perfume reminiscent of soursop blossoms. The cup is translucent and glossy, and yields a subtle taste of custard-apple followed by a persistent flavour of honey and mango, which envelops the palate.



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