Follow the fragrance with a kaleidoscope eye, over a bridge of mirror, by a fountain where diamond droplets sparkle. Clouds drift by in a sky blue as glass, and the smiles of passer-by’s lead you on down an avenue of cherry trees laden with flowers abloom.


This season of renaissance, let TWG Tea transport you with the ethereal beauty of Spring in a cup with the limited edition 2022 blend of Sakura! Sakura! Tea. Beautifully handcrafted with notes of wild Rainier cherry and sweet rose petals, this green tea yields an aromatic and elegant infusion enveloped by soft lingering hints of floral sweetness.


 Pair this fragrant tea with Sakura! Sakura! Tea-infused macarons with exquisite white chocolate and vanilla ganache, accentuated with natural flavours of green tea and sweet bouquet of cherry blossoms.


Reminiscent of the silhouette of a flower, complete your tea appreciation with Glamour Teapot and a matching collection of porcelain Glamour Tea Bowls in bright floral hues. A precious collection to cherish and last for generations.


 Embrace the fleeting beauty of the season with TWG Tea this Spring.