• Christmas Around The World Tea Set

Christmas Around The World Tea Set



A yuletide adventure awaits! Join in a festive voyage around the globe, right within your teacup. The spirit of the season is captured in five magical teas to transport heart and hearth this Christmas.


Noel in Paris Tea

The inky black waters of the Seine reflect a glorious, starry night, punctuated by the joyous revelry of merry-makers along the snowy banks. A celebratory contrast of light and dark, tart and sweet, TWG Tea crafts a marvel in the teacup, a decaffeinated green tea blended with notes reminiscent of candied Provencal lemon and sweet French spices. Joyeux Noel!


Noel in London Tea

Bells are a-tolling and carols are a-singing. Cobblestone streets glitter with freshly fallen snow. A rich infusion, this decaffeinated black tea is a cup of enchantments – a blend of citrus, a hint of dark chocolate and comforting spices fill the hearth with their warmth. Savour a jolly potion this Christmas!


Noel in Vienna Tea

When autumn gives way to frosted winter, the city of dreams awakens. Balls and parties beckon with their melodic airs and dancing. Steaming pots of this aromatic black tea are spiced with notes of cream and wild strawberries. Join the Christmas festivities - TWG Tea is the toast of the town!


Noel in New York Tea

Cold winter winds and snowy drifts are little match for the animation of 5th Avenue, where every street corner bursts with carols and cheer. Back home, beside a fire and the deep green of a majestic pine, this molten black tea is sweet and comforting, with just a hint of the finest cinnamon. Good tidings we bring!


Noel in Singapore Tea

Tropical fruits and sun-drenched orchids nod in the breeze, still dewy from December rains. Birds of a thousand colours take refuge in the verdant landscape. Tart notes of sweetness dot this equatorial black tea and green tea blend, contrasted by spicy ginger and gentle mandarin orange. Make merry!

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