TWG Tea Invites You To Experience A Harvest Fit For A King

23 February 2017

As Japanese poet Okakura Kakuzo aptly puts “Tea is a religion of the art of life”. There are few occasions in life when one can experience the work of a master artisan cultivated in an ancestral manner.

Imperial Gyokuro

Photo: Imperial Gyokuro, TWG Tea


TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, has achieved the inconceivable: the curation of a collection of incomparable Hon-Gyokuro teas, which harvests yield less than 5 kilos every year, never before released from Japan. Known as the Jewel of Dew, this collection of award-winning teas will be available in extremely limited quantities at selected TWG Tea locations in Singapore, London, and Vancouver.

Gyokuro Minami

The Gyokuro Minami is cultivated in Hoshino village according to traditional methods kept secret for four generations. Sheltered for 19 days to produce a grassy bouquet, the needle-like leaves are luminescent and emerald green and yield a heady biscuity flavour when infused which quickly deepens into a gentle sweetness. This award-winning garden produces only 5 kilos of this quality Gyokuro every year.

Gyokuro Minami

Gyokuro Samurai

Several weeks before the harvest, the plantation is shaded to infuse the leaves with chlorophyll, which results in a unique and verdant taste, recognised by connoisseurs worldwide. This intoxicating TWG Tea green tea yields an exquisite nectar, boasting a tannin-free infusion with the sweet scent of fresh grass. A work of art.

Gyokuro Samurai

Imperial Gyokuro

TWG Tea is proud to offer privileged tea connoisseurs one of the rarest and grandest teas in the world, the Imperial Gyokuro cultivated by one of Japan’s most renowned tea planters in Yame. Painstakingly cultivated under handmade rice straw mats for 17 days, this tea absorbs generous quantities of precious minerals which wash through the mats during rain showers and on dewy mornings. Thanks to gentle breezes and dappled rays of sunlight that filter through the braided straw, this glossy, jade-coloured tea grows very slowly, but in consequence, develops a brilliant sweetness and concentrated flavour. Be one of the first to taste a harvest fit for a king.

Imperial Gyokuro

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Now available, while quantities last at TWG Tea Salon & Boutique on West Georgia.


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