Celebrate the New Year & Epiphany with TWG Tea King's Cake

27 December 2017

King Cake

Celebrate The New Year With A Royal Touch

The King’s Cake, also known as the Galette des Rois, is a beloved tradition that traces its roots back to the Roman Empire. The King’s Cake is also a French custom celebrating the Epiphany – the arrival of the Three Wise Men. The New Year is a time of celebration with family and friends, and TWG Tea’s King's Cake is the perfect treat to bring dear ones together on this joyous occasion


The prestigious dessert is a French flaky puff pastry filled with layers of frangipane, a cream made from sweet almonds, butter, eggs and sugar and infused with TWG Tea’s signature Vanilla Bourbon Tea – a red tea blended with sweet TWG Tea rare and precious vanilla bean. The puff pastry cake conceals a hidden token inside, also known as the fève


After The Kings Cake is sliced and served, each person checks to see if they received the special token! They are then named King or Queen for the day and must be given royal treatment.


Enjoy this noble cake at a TWG Tea Salon & Boutique or take one with you to celebrate with friends and family.
Whole cakes are available for purchase. (Please allow 2-3 days for ordering)
For ordering, send an email to TWGTea@VansingDG.com or call (604) 692-0071

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